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What's the Deal with Flying in Parks?

Parks seem like a great spot to take the drone out: wide open spaces, beautiful scenery, and easily accessible by most people. But in the US, the rules and regulations around flying drones in parks can be confusing and depend on who owns the park. Here is a breakdown on the different types of parks you may encounter and how to best be informed of the rules and other tips to avoid any entanglements with the wrong crowd. National Parks »

6 Essential Tips for Flying Safe in the Winter

Some of my favorite drone videos are those taken in the winter with snow covered trees and frozen lakes. But the winter also brings a harsh environment that can be hard on all flying machines - drones included. Here's some tips for flying safe and taking great shots in the bitter cold. Keep yourself warm Before you worry about how to handle your drone, remember to keep yourself warm. It's very easy to underestimate the effects of the cold, especially »

FAQ: What Counts as Commercial Use Under Part 107?

In the US, if you fly a drone for commercial use, you are required to operate under a different set of commercial rules, most commonly Part 107. Flying under Part 107 requires the operator to pass a knowledge test and hold a Remote Pilot License. I've received many questions from pilots as to what counts as "commercial" usage. The FAA uses a very broad definition of commercial usage that includes anything that provides value to the operator, even if no »

Guide to HDR Drone Photography

High-Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography is popular technique to expand the range of light in a picture. HDR combines photos taken of the same scene at different exposure levels to bring out the shadows and dim the bright areas – creating very vibrant, colorful images. This technique is especially popular with drones due the large contrast in light between the sky and the ground in landscape pictures. Let’s take a look at how you might create some HDR images with a »

How Not to Lose Your Drone

So you just threw down over $1,000 for DJI's latest Phantom and you want to make sure you take good care of your investment. Here's some pro tips on how to minimize the risk of losing your drone and ensure many successful flights over many years. 1. Learn to Fly Manual First This one may seem obvious, but you drastically reduce your chances of loss by flying in manual mode. The automated functions have a lot of great uses, »


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