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Where are all the drones: Is DJI slowing down?

Ever since the Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic were launched last October, fans have been speculating when the next consumer drone would be announced. After a year of nothing but the Spark, surely DJI was preparing for something big. Many were expecting DJI's recent press event to be the great unveiling of the Phantom 5 or something equally ambitious. Unfortunately, not only did the Phantom 5 fail to make an appearance, but drones were hardly mentioned. Instead, we got…a »

Guide to HDR Drone Photography

High-Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography is popular technique to expand the range of light in a picture. HDR combines photos taken of the same scene at different exposure levels to bring out the shadows and dim the bright areas – creating very vibrant, colorful images. This technique is especially popular with drones due the large contrast in light between the sky and the ground in landscape pictures. Let’s take a look at how you might create some HDR images with a »


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