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From 400 ft: A Walkthrough on Creating Vertical Panoramas

Horizontal panoramas have been popular for while, but it wasn't until drones took to the skies that vertical panoramas have started to take off. On the ground, the vertical range of the viewpoint is very limited and usually isn't enough to create a worthwhile vertical pano, especially since today's wide angle lenses can handle the range just fine. But at 400 ft, this all changes. Looking straight down suddenly becomes interesting. In fact, you have at least 90 degrees of »

Guide to HDR Drone Photography

High-Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography is popular technique to expand the range of light in a picture. HDR combines photos taken of the same scene at different exposure levels to bring out the shadows and dim the bright areas – creating very vibrant, colorful images. This technique is especially popular with drones due the large contrast in light between the sky and the ground in landscape pictures. Let’s take a look at how you might create some HDR images with a »


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